Shogofa is just 12 years old but she has big ambitions. When she grows up she wants to be a judge so she can represent the women of Afghanistan.

However, a few years ago, children in her village couldn’t even go to school. During the conflict with the Taliban, the area had been on the frontline and many mines had been left behind. When the fighting ended, the residents began to return home but it was too dangerous to build a new school. Children had to have lessons at home but this was very expensive as the families needed to pay for the teachers themselves.

The community was therefore very happy when HALO came to the village to make the land safe.


“HALO built a tent in the courtyard of our school where we had our classes until the area around the school was cleared. We are very excited to see that our village is now free of landmines. We are now able to attend school without any fear.”

Shogofa, age 12, Afghanistan

HALO cleared an area of over 1.4 million square metres, destroying 1,698 landmines in the process and today Shogofa goes to Lessa Naswan Bajga School with 400 other girls. Her favourite lesson is Dari because it is her native language.

Safe land means schools can be built, children can reach their lessons without risk and have the opportunity to shine. Together we can support more children like Shogofa to realise their dreams.