HALO has conducted surveys on all countries it currently operates.

HALO conducts both general and technical surveys. The organization has refined its survey methodology over 22 years of fieldwork and earned an enviable reputation for accuracy. In pursuit of accurate data and understanding of the remaining mine and ERW problem, many host governments have asked HALO to conduct Baseline Surveys immediately post conflict and after the Mine Action programs have been well established. On the latter case, HALO was asked to primarily resurvey the data provided by the Landmine Impact Survey’s (LIS).

Notable recent survey work includes comprehensive surveys of all remaining minefields in Somaliland (2009), Kosovo (2007), Mozambique (2007) and of cluster munitions and landmine contamination in Georgia immediately post conflict (2008). In addition, HALO has ongoing Baseline Surveys being conducted in Afghanistan, Angola, Cambodia and Sri Lanka. In countries where HALO has completed the survey, data provided to the authorities has allowed a better planning and mobilization of resources required to clear the problem. Surveys have also delineated the problem on the ground, allowing the mineclearance operators to deploy clearance assets without further area reduction or survey. Further dissemination of data has allowed local and international development agencies to plan and prioritize their activities accordingly.

HALO has in the past also conducted surveys, assessments or clearance operations in Laos, Vietnam, Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo, Central African Republic, Ethiopia, Sudan, Eritrea, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Chechnya, Tajikistan and Falkland Islands. Full reports on each country can be provided on request.