Database and GIS Officer

HALO is looking for a Database and GIS Officer.  The HALO Trust conducts humanitarian landmine clearance and ordnance disposal in Abkhazia, Angola, Afghanistan, Cambodia, Colombia, Kosovo, Mozambique, Nagorno Karabakh, Somaliland, Sri Lanka, Zimbabwe, West Bank, Ivory Coast and Laos.  We employ nearly 8,000 national and 50 expatriate staff. 

The primary role of the Database and GIS Officer will be to support the data and information management in HALO programs worldwide.  The role will involve travelling across all HALO programs and spending approximately one to three months in each program.

The Database and GIS Officer will be reporting to the relevant Program Manager, and will work very closely with HALO’s IT & GIS Desk Officer who is based at HALO’s HQ in South West Scotland but spends much time visiting HALO programs.

The principal requirements for the post are:

Experience of designing and maintaining relational databases.

Experience of managing data and information.

Excellent knowledge of Microsoft Office software package (Excel, Word, PowerPoint).

Excellent knowledge of Microsoft Access.

Knowledge of ESRI ArcGIS and Google mapping.

Knowledge and experience of programming with databases and maps would be an asset.

Good English writing and speaking skills.

Interviews for this position will take place at HALO’s global headquarters in Scotland.

If this is of interest, please submit a one-page CV and covering letter to  

(Due to expected volume of applications, only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for an interview.)

International Applicants to The HALO Trust


The HALO Trust conducts humanitarian landmine clearance and ordnance disposal in Abkhazia, Angola, Afghanistan, Cambodia, Colombia, Kosovo, Mozambique, Nagorno Karabakh, Somaliland, Sri Lanka, Laos, West Bank, Ivory Coast and Zimbabwe. We employ nearly 8,000 national and 50 expatriate staff - the latter generally joining HALO in their late 20s or 30s. If you want a challenging and rewarding career, then you might consider working for HALO.

HALO is looking for leaders who will be resourceful, adaptable, resilient, self-motivated and prepared to work in remote and challenging environments, away from e-mail and sometimes any form of social life, for extended periods. In addition to the day-to-day management of mineclearance operations the responsibilities include: liaison with Government, the diplomatic community, police, military and other NGOs as well as the less glamorous activities of financial accounting, administration and logistics. Expatriates can be promoted to manage a national program within two years of joining HALO. Previous leadership experience in the Armed Forces may be to the applicant’s advantage, but it is not a prerequisite – our current employees come from a very wide range of backgrounds.

Selection and overseas training is field-based and takes around six months. The course covers: mine and ordnance recognition and clearance, survey and mapping, risk assessment, task prioritization and planning, equipment and vehicle husbandry (HALO has over 1,200 vehicles overseas), radio communication, first aid, accounting, proposal and report writing (applicants must have good Word & Excel skills). You will also be expected to develop quickly a working knowledge of the local language.

Postings are usually ‘unaccompanied’ with seven weeks of holiday per annum split into three periods. The work therefore tends to appeal more to single than married people. Daily duties are normally physically demanding so a good level of fitness and excellent health is a requirement, with a formal health assessment for new trainees. The pay scales reflect performance and are commensurate with management responsibilities. Most living costs abroad are covered by HALO, as is insurance.

This endeavor is not for the faint-hearted; but HALO believes that the right person will find considerable job satisfaction.

If you consider yourself to be up to this unique challenge and are prepared to make a two year commitment beyond the initial six month training package, send a one page CV with covering letter to:

(Due to the high number of applicants, only short-listed candidates will receive a response)