Although HALO has an excellent safety record, paramedics equipped with comprehensive medical packs are built into the structure of every team.

HALO paramedics are national members of staff trained in the emergency trauma management of mine and ordnance accident victims. They deal with all aspects of initial care from the immediate stabilization of the casualty to safe transport and delivery to hospital. Paramedic training is often a prerequisite for promotion from deminer to section commander.

The evacuation of casualties is usually by HALO ambulance but in remote areas or where journey times to a suitable hospital are excessive it is by helicopter or light aircraft.

HALO maintains a medical board comprised of experienced international surgeons and doctors - including trauma specialists - and paramedic instructors to oversee HALO’s medical policy and to ensure its correct implementation. Members of the board, all of whom are volunteers, regularly visit each program to provide continuation training and evaluation of all medical staff.

The board meets annually to discuss lessons learnt from medical visits and to consider the suitability for HALO of developments in emergency trauma management.