The HALO Trust and its sister organisation The HALO Trust (USA), Inc. have an average annual turnover of $55 million.

Our annual accounts are audited by KPMG LLP in both the UK and the USA; copies are available on request.

Where does your money go?

Funds received from donors are allocated to a specific number of months of demining teams on a specific HALO programme.  Every deminer wears a patch on their shirt showing the donor funding them.  Each donor is therefore fully aware from the outset what their money will fund. Our transparent reporting process allows the donor fully to understand the impact of their funding on the communities which have benefited from HALO’s clearance.

Where the donation received is insufficient to pay for a whole demining section for a month we will pool these funds for running a demining section or spend on lower cost items such as deminer’s equipment or other vital operating expenses.

Transparency of recording and reporting

HALO has developed a structure where each donor knows exactly what it has funded, including the number of mines found and destroyed, the number of hectares cleared and the number of beneficiaries who have benefited from the clearance of a specific minefield.

Budgets are prepared for each grant received from donors; these budgets are zero-based for each donor for each grant.  The budget will be prepared to allocate to the grant the maximum possible number of team months.

On a monthly basis, each programme will allocate each of its teams to a specific donor.  All costs which relate to each team for that month are allocated to the donor’s cost centre in the financial system.   All statistics generated by each team are similarly recorded against the donor funding the clearance for that month.  Where possible there will be continuity of donor funding of individual teams from month to month, allowing donors to complete entire minefields with their funding.

Operational and financial reports are generated for donors in accordance with their requirements; these reports summarise the financial results for the period and the actual clearance which has been undertaken by their teams.

Administration rates

HALO charges institutional donors an administration charge which covers the central overheads of the organisation such as HQ salaries, communications expenses, property expenses and travel expenses.  Typically in HALO UK the rate charged is 6%; in HALO USA the rate is negotiated with the US Government and currently HALO charges 6.2% on its US Government contracts.

26 years of clearing the debris of war and helping millions of families return home